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About the Orange County Choppers

Orange county choppers are actually from New York. Often this New York based company gets confused with the famous Orange County, California. It is the most popular custom bike shop in the United States and has been marked famous by the discovery channel. Yes, in deed, the discovery channel was the reason why Orange County Choppers have been inked on everything from someone's arm to their t-shirt. Orange County Choppers or the OCC is a custom motorcycle shop that was founded by Paul Teutul Sr.

and his son.However, they didn't spend years in the business before making it big. In fact, they owned their own steel company first known as the Orange County Ironworks for over twenty years before establishing the motorcycle shop. That would makes sense, since everyone who has watched the show has seen just how great the OCC is with their custom bike designs.

In fact, in 2005 they make a motorcycle for the United States Air Force and had the mirrors and the exhaust system look like jets.The show that is about the Orange County Choppers or the OCC is called American Choppers. The basics of the show are to take an idea and make it into reality.

It shows the details that go into make an awesome looking bike and how creative bikes can be. The show is produced by Pilgrim Films and Television Inc. and the OCC video game was published by Activision. However, the show is based on how the founders of OCC (father and son) run the business and creates custom bikes in their workshop.

The Orange County Choppers is based in Montgomery, New York. The most famous bike that the OCC has contributed to the leather-wearing motorcycle world is the Black Widow Spider Bike.The reason the show has become so popular is because of the different ways the two approach a project.

They often show some humor in their communication and they are pressed for time because they have very short deadlines to building the most fire-breathing custom chopper. Usually, Paul Jr will work with Vinnie Di Martino, Rick Petko, and Cody Connelly along with Christian Helter to make one awesome bike.Course, Paulie's dad has built some bikes himself and will usually supervise the operations.Mickael Teutul or Mickey does some of the metal work and offers comic relief to the show.

The show has become one of the most successful shows on the discovery channel because of the verbal battles between father and son, but also is about average guys just trying to build a dream. The appeal seems to be hitting everyone with fascination.In fact the company has become so popular that they sell their own merchandize practically everywhere from apparel (for not just guys but women, children, and babies as well), hats, fragrances, auto accessories, bikes, games, toys, items for the home and office, and practically anything else you can think of.The OCC has become of the most popular and successful shows on the Discovery Channel and it keep growing every season.

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By: Ove Marcelind

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