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Automobile Storage

Perhaps you own a 2007 Mazda CX-7 Grand Touring all wheel drive in a steel gray; it puts out 244 horses, has a 2.3 liter turbocharged drive train, and looks so much like a sports car from the inside that it makes your teeth hurt. Yet during your summer vacation with the family and the kids, you will be renting a recreational vehicle, and since there is no way that you will tow this beauty behind, you will need to store it somewhere. The garage is full, and leaving it at the curb or in the driveway is like telling the would-be thieves and burglars to come on in and take it for a spin. Could professional automobile storage be the solution to your problem? Maybe your pride and joy is a 1973 Corvette Roadster which ? Chevy lovers know ? was a bit of a dud at the time being, but thanks to your persistence and constant stream of cash is now a cherry! The color is beautiful and deep, the engine is completely rebuilt, and the added tune port injection has your beauty humming like a cat in a canary store.

Yet one day you are perusing your favorite car ads on the 'Net and run across a 1972 Corvette 454 that needs some tender, loving care - completely stock, the ad reads, and begging for a few upgrades. As you imagine yourself installing a raised runner intake manifold in your garage that also doubles as a workshop, you realize that you will need to find a place for your Roadster while you are working on such a car. While Aunt Martha's garage down the block sounds like a cheap idea, the fact that she has canned peaches stacked from floor to ceiling on wobbly shelves in the same garage has you thinking twice about entrusting your baby for safekeeping to her. Your option is obvious: professional automobile storage! Automobile storage is the answer to the short term and also long term needs of car aficionados who have one or more vehicles to many yet cannot bear to part with any of them. While most car aficionados already own the turbo lifts that permit one car to be stacked and stored atop another, the fact of the matter dictates that for some this is not an option, and while friends and family members may be asked in a pinch, this is usually not the best solution for anyone involved, since as the car's protective owner you cannot control what other folks will do in their garages. Yet while automobile storage is indeed the best solution, keep in mind that insurance coverage for your cars that are stored away from home will need to be discussed with your agent prior to your making that trip.

By and large, most items placed in storage are covered by your homeowner's policy and thus the sometimes pricy suggestion of the storage company to purchase optional insurance is usually not needed. The number one exception to this rule is the automobile. Whether it is in running order or a project that is ongoing, a car is specifically excluded from the majority of homeowner's policies and thus you will need to purchase your own car insurance in addition to the homeowner's policy. Even though you may not be planning on operating the car or ? if it is in running status ? has all the coverage needed, make sure that you discuss with your insurance agent the implications of storing a vehicle away from home. For example, if the storage location is situated in a flood plain, you will want to add flood insurance to your automobile policy.

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Car Rentals

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