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Headlight Cleaning and Restoration Save Big and Do It Yourself

I see them every where I go ? cloudy, yellow and worn headlight lenses. It amazes me that people take such good care of their cars by washing, waxing, and polishing, but they completely ignore their headlights. These worn headlights can be found on cars as recent as 2-3 years old and it greatly affects light output, night time driving safety, and the look of your car.It used to be that the only options were to keep the lenses or have them replaced at your local dealership.The average price for a pair of replacement plastic headlight lenses at local auto dealerships is around $400-$500 (this doesn't even include installation or aiming).

There are cheaper aftermarket headlights, but they have received poor reviews and the savings aren't that great, quality and fit are poor at best, and then you still had to have them installed and aimed. Then the problem is that they will only last 1 year or so before they will start to become worn and cloudy.There is now another alternative, restore them there to new again.A patented headlight cleaner and restoring kit is now available for around $15. It is much less expensive than any aftermarket or dealer replacement lenses available today.

Plastic headlight lenses are standard on every new car made today. Some have polymers and protective UV coatings, but they all have the same similar problems. The sun's harsh UV rays, acid rain etching, harsh weather conditions, and chemicals (brake fluid, power steering fluid, hot radiator fluids, hot water, harsh cleaners, etc.

) will all cause plastic headlight lenses to wear prematurely. This wear causes them to turn yellow and cloudy reducing light output and night driving safety.This headlight cleaning and restoring kit works on even the worst lenses imaginable from scrap and salvage yards.

This same technology is used on new and used cars at car dealerships for superior car care and treatment and will work to restore your lenses to new again. There is no need to remove the lenses as the treatment is applied to the exterior of the headlight lens where 99.9% of the damage is.

There's no excuse now to not have sparkling clean headlights. Car dealerships everywhere are using headlight cleaner and restorer on their cars for the next level in car care and car treatment and you can too.

.David Maillie specializes in automotive safety products and information.

He holds numerous patents and awards for his patented headlight cleaner and restorer. For more information, tips, and money saving products for your auto please visit:

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By: David Maillie

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