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Rust Is Like A Chronic Illness Learn How To Prevent It From Killing Your Car

Rust prevention is very important if you want to extend the life of your car. Rust can destroy more cars than accidents! Think of rust as a chronic illness, whereas a car accident is more like a sudden heart attack. Many chronic illnesses can be held at bay, if you know the right medicines to use and how to treat your body well.Similarly, the proper rust prevention technique will helpf prevent the event of a chronic illness, like rust, happening to your vehicle.What are the factors that can cause rust on your vehicle? The main cause of rust on your car is salt:.

· During the winter, salt is used on roads to keep them ice-free and therefore safe to drive on.· Unfortunately, while salt does help prevent your car from many potential accidents, it is not good at rust prevention. In fact, salt is a catalyst for rust.· Salt can carry moisture into even the smallest parts of your car.

· Salt-caused oxidation is brought on by rising temperatures. So, although the salt finds its way into the crannies of your car in the winter, the real problems begin to arise in the spring.· Besides salt, acid rain is also bad for your vehicle.Here are some clues and tips on rust prevention:.· The best form of rust prevention is cleanliness. Cleanliness is next to godliness, especially when it comes to your car.

Keep the body of your car clean.· Wax your car.· Wash your car regularly, even during the winter? You need to make sure that you wash the salt off from your car. Be sure to wash the underside of your vehicle, too!.· After you are through washing your car, let the water drain out by opening your doors.· You want to get rid of all possible moisture around your car? clean your wheels.

Dirt or leaves can hold moisture, and this moisture is not friend to rust prevention!.· Check the drain holes in the bottoms of the doors, the frame, and the floor, and make sure that they are clear.· Check your car regularly for rust. It is best to find spots of rust while they are still small and easier to fix!.· Do not ignore any light brown stains that you might see. It is possible to repair your rust problems, but rusty chrome parts are going to need to be completely replaced.

· Another form of rust prevention is rust-proofing. You can have a specialist rust-proof your vehicle by spraying a certain waxy paste into the body panels of your car. You can also have a clear silicon-based spray applied to your paint.· New and modern cars tend to have warranties against corrosion and are built with protection against it.Rust prevention is an important part of maintaining your car. Nothing can make your car depreciate in value quite like rust can! If you let the rust of your car get bad, it can be very difficult to fix.

Just follow these simple steps of rust prevention, and hope that you never have a problem!.

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By: Anne Clarke

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