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Why do drivers need Trapster

A speed trap represents a portion of a road where the police patrols are hiding, trying to detect if the speed limit is being broken. They have radars, lasers and advanced speed cameras in order to check the actual speed of every driver and enforce traffic rules when necessary. Thus, they may give speeding tickets when the speed limit has barely been exceeded and increase the level of stress felt by those driving. The innovative speed trap sharing system from Trapster has been welcomed by all drivers who were upset with the introduction of speed traps. The system is based on the collaboration between drivers; however, it does not encourage speeding but it permits them to focus on driving and not on the speed indicator all the time. Knowing that there is a speed trap somewhere will make you feel stressed, increasing the chance of causing a jam in the traffic or even an accident.

Given all those facts, it was only logical that the Trapster Speed Trap became so popular. After all, why should we feel so anxious because of the speed cameras and check out the speed indicator all the time? No one says that we are allowed to exceed the speed limit as much as we want but it would be nice not to have to control the speedometer so often. The speed trap alerts are sent on our mobile phones, signaling the presence of speed traps and speed cameras. With the help of Trapster, you will finally have enough time to verify if your speed is within the limit and adjust it when necessary. If you want to warn other drivers about possible speed traps, then you are more than welcomed to do it. Whenever you see a speed camera or suspect the possibility of speed traps (please verify first), you can confirm their presence (as they have already been mentioned by other drivers) and increase the reliability degree of the information.

By doing that, drivers will be more confident when it comes to using the Trapster Speed Trap and sharing traps. It is highly important that you participate, as every piece of information received about speed traps is essential. What are the things that you should know about Trapster? First of all, you have to download the application right from the Internet.

Secondly, you have to be aware that the Trapster Speed Trap functions at its best on mobile phones with GPS technology. It can also be used on a mobile phone that does not have navigation systems but you won't be able to benefit from certain features. If you want to receive speed trap alerts by SMS, you have to mention and subscribe for such services. In general, Trapster sends ringtone alerts when you are in the vicinity of an actual speed trap or camera.

You will receive the alert just in time to adjust your speed or make sure that you are not breaking any rules. It is a highly controversial matter, that referring to receiving speeding tickets after being caught in a speed trap or by a red light camera. This is why all drivers could benefit from the best counterattack possible, the Trapster Speed Trap! You should try it too, who knows how much it can help you.

Trapster alerts you to police car speed traps, speed cameras, and other road way hazards:

Car Rentals

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