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Rental Cars; The Do's &The Don'ts

by Tyson J Stevenson

The motorized cars with at least four wheels which are used for private transportation of goods or person by the cardholder for a short rental period is known as Rental Cars. Here the renter always has the option to choose the right rental car to serve his requirements i.e. whether he needs to rent a car for business or pleasure purpose. There are different types of Rental cars such as luxury car rental, economy car rental, premium car rental, mini van rental, sport utility rental, pickup truck rental, cargo van rental etc. The features and provisions in the rental cars differ widely from each other.

There are many rental companies across the country that provide with lower cost and efficient services. There are generally two types of rates for renting a car. They are 1) Basic rate and 2) Inclusive rate. The Basic rate is that when anyone is opting to use his credit card for insurance coverage and the Inclusive rate is that the insurance is being supplied to the renter by the rental company.

· Different Car Rental Terms

There are different terms and conditions for renting a car. These terms and conditions help the renters to know more about rental cars and its rates.

Airport Access Fees: An extra fee is always charged in case any customer picks up a car at the Airport premises. The extra fee may be flat or a percentage of the total rental charge that depends upon the country and the supplier. The Airport authorities can also charge a fee for parking vehicles on the airport site.

Collision Damage Waiver: The rental company may charge an extra fee to the renter in case of the losses due to damage done by any kind of accidental cause to the vehicle. The term Collision Damage Waivers or the Loss Damage Waiver usually do not cover the windows, roof, tires, interior and side mirrors of the vehicles.

Personal Accident Insurance: This insurance can be purchased from the supplier at the time of picking up a rental car. According to this insurance, compensation of a predetermined amount is given to the driver and its passengers in case of any bodily harm to them while traveling in the rented vehicle.

Road Tax and Fees: There are also different taxes and fees that are charged to run rented vehicles on roads to restore and maintain the roads. Sometimes these taxes are paid by the rental company.

Refueling Provisions: The cars those are rented to the travellers are provided with a full tank of fuel gas. The cost of fuel is not included in the rate of rental cars. If anyone returns the vehicle with some less fuel gas in the tank then an extra refueling fees are charged on the vendor.

Theft Protection: Many rental companies provide with insurance that covers the renter in case the vehicle is stolen. In such cases to make a policy active, police must be informed within 24 hours of theft. This type of insurance does not cover the belongings of the renter inside the vehicle.

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